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Mission Statement

Our holistic approach is to ensure Health, Vigour and Happiness for all by manufacturing ethical drugs and medicines of the highest quality at affordable price and expanding in the local and global market. We view ourselves as partners with the doctors, healthcare professionals, all other customers, our employees and harmonize with environmental issues.

Human Resource

“Our People” is our pride and we believe in the philosophy of “People is our Prime Asset”. We believe, one of our major strengths is the diversity of our people and the rich experience that they bring across with varied skill-sets, backgrounds and cultures which bind the ACME family together in a common stand. More than 7,000 full time qualified, trained and skilled professionals, including a good number of white and gold collar employees such as pharmacists, chemists, doctors, microbiologists, scientists, engineers, accountants and business administration graduates and/or post-graduates are currently working at ACME

Marketing, Sales & Distribution

Since 1954, being constantly focused on the diverse requirements of the customers we have expanded our business into different therapeutic areas through ensuring different flexible options in terms of both acute and chronic care treatment needs. To keep pace with the trend of globalization and exploit the benefits of modern IT infrastructure we have adopted versatile approach that will help maximize customer satisfaction. We want to gain competitive edge through increasing our understanding of customers’ needs and offering services that will be unmatched in this industry.

Information Technology

Since 1992, Information Technology Division of ACME has been supporting the company & its sister concern in managing the evolving role of information technology in business. The IT Division provides diversified Information Technology solutions and services that assist company’s business objectives. The IT Division services and solutions include business process re-engineering, software development, network engineering and IT Support System. A very skilled team of Business Analyst, System Analyst, Programmers and Engineers are working under the Division and a very good IT-Infrastructure also present in ACME.

Research and Development

Our R&D is under the umbrella of Quality Operation Division. Dedicated pharmacists, chemists and bio-chemists are doing constant research to develop formulations to make a breakthrough in the healthcare market of Human as well as Veterinary products. This department is playing a crucial role to make the drugs safer and more effective through new innovations with quality formulation. ACME’s R&D is equipped with the latest equipment to support various stages of optimizations and technology transfer to the plant. Product Development is one of our prime objectives for round-the-year operation which is indispensable for steady growth of the company. ACME’s R&D conforms to the quality management system set by ISO and strictly maintains the guideline of cGMP.

QMS & Organization Development

QMS & OD Division under corporate operations wing provides a variety of professional and management support across the organization in maintaining suitable system by the means of strategic integration of ISO, TQM, business excellence criteria and other best practices that are proven effective for the business. This division incessantly contributes to the implementation of business metrics & performance management; organization re-structuring & change management and business-driven HR transformation that make organization’s human capital value added and trigger to the improvement of organization’s health and effectiveness. At ACME, QMS & OD facilitates the development and communication of the organization’s core values, vision, mission, and ethical behaviours.

Global Operation

ACME’s success in the domestic market prompted it to explore the international market. With the philosophy of ensuring health, vigour and happiness for the whole mankind, ACME started its international business operations in 1995 by exporting medicines to Bhutan. Since then, ACME made a strong presence in the international market. At present, ACME is successfully exporting its quality products to more than 20 countries in South Asia, South East Asia, Africa and Central America. The future promises greater prospects for the international marketing of ACME. ACME being aware of the global opportunities for pharmaceutical business relentlessly bolsters its international presence by capacity building, quality products and superior services.

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